Current Jobs :
  • At middle of the dashboard you can see all current jobs with primary detail.
  • User can search job list from current job using following options :
  • Group Name : Select Group from it.
  • Task                : Select your task which you want find your job.
  • Status             : Select status of task (like Pending,In Process,Completed etc.)
  • Client Name  : Select Client Name.
  • Year                :Select Year for find year wise task.
  • Employee       : Search Employee wise job list.
  • Here you can see the all tasks(All Subtasks of all orders) which are given to particular User & Even Other users tasks, which rights particular users have.
  • & Using Different filters you can narrow your search or you can find list that you want. Like if you want to get data of particular client then select that client from client filter. & Now from this result you want only data of particular task then again select particular task from task filter. So you will get result of particular clients particular task related data.
  • You can Export grid data to Excel by click on Excel Symbol at upper right side of grid box. (You will find this symbol in all reporting pages in application.)

Current Jobs In Detail :
  • See here all RED Tasks have deadline date defined and it was date crossed and the other are in normal form.
  • Deadline date was assigned at the time of job approval.
  • If any of the user set their task on reminder date that will be also display in following table.