• Once user made successfully logged in then below menu will be appear it's called Home Page or Dashboard
  • In the Dashboard user can see overview of Task(Current Job) , Pending Inward with client detail, Task Status Graph and Shortcut link for jump to another page.
  • For update profile, change password and logout from portal just click on Administrator option & Choose option.
  • For need any help click on help desk there will 3 option are there :
  1. Live Help
  2. Download User Manual
  3. and Support
  • In Dashboard user can also see task due date and deadline notification message from system.
  • In Dashboard user can also see task approval and pending for approval notification from system.
  • Click on “Current Job” text you will redirect to Current Job Page. Here you can see the all tasks(All Subtasks of all orders) which are given to particular User & Even Other users tasks, which rights particular users have.

Home screen - Dashboard

Job Summary :