•  Petty Cash :
  • There are two module into it.
  1. Add Cash
  2. Cash Expanse / Deposit list

Add Expense/Deposite :

  • Here you can track all cash financial activity.
  • Here you can track your cash transaction client wise or any other way.
  • Cash expanse for any client would be show on bill generation page.
  • Here you can generate voucher (Print) of any transaction.
  • New Expanse / Deposit : You Can add new expanse or deposit to petty cash by filling require detail in text box.

Expanse For Transaction of Office :

  • Deposit :

  • Deposit money into petty cash.
  • Add Virtual money into it.

Expense Deposite List :

  • List Expense / Deposit: It'll show listing of Expense and Deposit list
  • You can narrow your search by using filters.
  • You can export data to Excel Sheet by click on Excel button located at Upper right corner of grid box.
  • Here you can print particular Voucher.