•  Bill/Invoice :
  • There are two module into it.

1.New Bill /Invoice
2.Bill / Invoice List

New-Bill/Invoice :

  • Here you can generate Bill of any client for any services which you are providing or provided.
  • Here you can generate Invoice Multi Company wise, Default invoice will generate for Main Company, to generate invoice for other company added as Multi Company in company master page you need to select that company from “Company” dropdown.
  • You can generate invoice for one or more than one services together, you can select multiple choices from list.
  • You can apply taxes by click on check box.
  • Here You can get Information like Hour Spent, Actual costing, Cash Expense, & Pre define bill amount.
  • Here you can get actual costing at “Actual costing” (Application will count costing on the per hour rate which is mention in employee master )
  • Here you can generate print of bill and after generate of bill client will get Email with attached Invoice copy

Bill Invoice List :

  • Here you can get list of all generated Invoice.
  • Here you can edit, print or view particular Invoice.
  • Here you can remind your client about payment by select & send option, & client will get Email & SMS of remaining amount. For this first client or clients using check box & than click on “Email & SMS” Button located at upper right corner of grid.
  • Here you can map Invoice with its receipt ID & Can get remaining amount.
  • You can get client ledger of last year by selecting particular client from client field & Select from date, to date from date field.
  • You can narrow your search by using filters.
  • You can export data to Excel Sheet by click on Excel button located at Upper right corner of grid box.