There are two pages in Task 1)Add Task 2)Task List.



  • Here you can add new task. Below image show you the screen when you click on add task.
  • Fields with * are must be fill.
  • Enter Task name, Department to which task is related,
  • Mode(one time: it means task can occurs only one time like PAN Card application, Company registration. , Recurrence task which occurs repeatedly (On selection of Recurrence, you will get one field name Frequency so here you can decide task repeat period like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly).
  • For Monthly reoccurrence task, you will get all twelve task for particular financial year in approval page with appropriate effective date (For 1st month – April Effective date would be 1st May & For 2nd month – May Effective date would be 1st June….)
  • i.e. For VAT Return Monthly & VAT Return Quarterly, You must enter both services as task separately.
  • After saving data one popup window will open here you need to enter subtasks (Subtasks means steps of task , At least 1 sub-task is necessary for every new task ).

  • i.e. VAT Return
  • Data Collection – Order 1
  • Tax Calculation – Order 2
  • Tax Payment – Order 3
  • Filling of return – Order 4
  • Bill Generation – Order 5
  • Here Order means steps serial number, So If 1st order task will complete only then 2nd Order subtask will appear on concern employee’s dashboard with Default Onboard status.
  • You can assign different order subtask to different employee. Only subtask will show on Employee dashboard if its order come, & From Current job or Task schedule page Employee can see all assigned subtask to him/her whether its order comes or not.
  • Here you must need to assign employee to each subtask that you can change at the time of approval. & even after approval you can transfer task from one employee to another.
  • You Must enter at least one subtask for each task, otherwise it will not reflect in other pages.

Sub Task :


  • Here you can see/edit the list of all tasks.
  • By Click on edit button you can see list of particular task’s subtask list and from here you can edit subtask. & edited subtask will not effect on already approved task. It will effect from next applicability.
  • And you can narrow your search by using filters