•  TAB – Company Info :Here you can mention all basic company information.
    Mention Company Name, Contact detail, Bank Information & Other TAX related data will print in Invoice & Receipt.You will get all auto Email and SMS related to company on mention email address & Phone Number over here.
    Tax set up will help in Billing and Receipt.
    On updation of this page admin get notification by email.
    You can also add multiple company form here and you can also add company documents.TAB – Company Document :Here you can upload all company related documents. Will not reflect anywhere in applicatio
  • TAB – Add Multi Company :
  • Here you can add multiple companies by filling basic Information.
  • You can Use Multi Company in Accounting means you can raise Bill or Receipt Multi Company wise.
  • You can not use Multi Company to Bi forget Client, Task or Employee.

  • TAB – Tax Detail :
  • Here you can add different kind of taxes.
  • Will reflect in Account menu.

  • TAB – Currency :
  • Here you can add different currency and it's rate as per country.
  • Will reflect in Account menu and also avilable into client master.